Waterlife Poolshield 500ml Tap Water Conditioner


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Waterlife Poolshield 500mlWaterlife PoolShield with aloe vera is an advanced, fast-acting dechlorinator and water conditioner.PoolShield neutralises toxins in tap-water such as chlorine, chloramine and fluorine, which are harmful to fish, plants and filtration bacteria.PoolShield also contains the soothing properties of aloe vera, to help reinforce the fishes’ protective mucus coating and help tissue regeneration after an infection.PoolShield should be used when initially filling up your pond, when topping up evaporation losses and when carrying out a partial water change.Waterlife Poolshield 500ml Features:Dechlorinator water conditionerContains aloe vera for added protectionExcellent value for moneySafe with fish, plants and filtration bacteriaUse BacterLife P to boost bacteria in the filter after water changes.Available in the following sizes (treatment volumes in parenthesis):-125 ml (9100 litres) 500 ml (36,400 litres) 1 litre (72,000 litres)