Waterlife Parazin 20Tab


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Parazin Parasiticide Fish lice Argulus anchor worm Lernea gill maggots Ergasilus are just some of the horrific parasitespredators which can attack fish and are almost invisible to the naked eye. New Parazin destroys these and other insect and crustacean parasitespredators found in aquaria. This is a unique and revolutionary product that usually only requires one dose per infestation. For use in tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria.

Features Destroys insect and Crustacean predatorsparasites A single dose is all that is usually required Easy to use tablet form Parazins ingredients are exclusive to Waterlife and will not be found in competitor products. Parazin is safe with fish plants and filtration. Before use Read instructions carefully. Switch off u.v. sterilisers and remove carbon andor ammonia removers. Replace after 10 days.

Available in the following size treatment volumes in parenthesis 20 tablets 450 litres

  • Destroys insect and Crustacean predators/parasites
  • A single dose is all that is usually required
  • “Easy to use” tablet form
  • 20 Tablets Treats up to 450 ltrs