Waterlife 7.2 Buffer – 180ml


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Adjusts and stabilises pH to 7.2

pH can be a major issue for fish keepers. Waterlife has for some time produced 2 popular buffers 6.5 Buffer and an 8.3 Buffer product to replicate those desired water conditions. After a lengthy consultation period with the trade a requirement for a new product was hilighted. The new pH 7.2 Buffer produces neutral to slightly alkaline water conditions suitable for most community species. It is an easy to use powder treatment that is completely safe i.e. No matter how much 7.2 Buffer you add to the water it will not lower the pH below 7.2

Uses Creates ideal conditions for most community tropical fish and plants that prefer a neutral pH Will increase the pH to 7.2 in low pH aquariums and decrease pH to 7.2 in high pH aquariums Increases the buffering capacity of the water to stabilise the pH 7.2 Buffer is a true buffer i.e. once the correct amount is added pH 7.2 stability will be achieved This product will not lower the pH below 7.1 or raise it above 7.3

Available in 180g

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