Water Feature Pumps 3,000 LPH – mains powered

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Our best range of pumps for powering water features and cascade waterfalls. They come in a wide range of sizes and the design of the pump does vary (see table below) depending on the litres per hour (LPH) of the pump. These pumps are supplied without fountainheads or other accessories.

Our pumps are reliable, efficient and guaranteed for two years. We recommend them for use in water features and cascades / waterfalls. They do not come with fountainheads and are not for creating fountains. Our pumps are available in a range of sizes, from 350 litres / hour to 30,000 litres per hour. Each pump is supplied with 10 metres of cable except the 600lph and 750lph which has a 5m cable.

Please note – Max Delivery Head is the maximum height the water will reach if it’s going up a tube. For example, a 600lph pump would be able to get water up a tube to a height of 110cm but no higher. If you wanted it to go up 110cm and then flow out of the tube you would need the next tube size up. This is based on the tube being a 1″ tube.

Creating a cascade

If you want to pump water to create a cascade / waterfall of a given width and height 120cm, the pump you need depends on the width as follows:

Cascade width Pump for cascade height of 120cm

30cm 4000 litres / hour

60cm 6000 litres / hour

90cm 10000 litres / hour

120cm 12000 litres / hour

150cm 15000 litres / hour

For example to create a waterfall of width 90cm and height 120cm, use the 10,000 litres / hour pump (The 10000). If your specification is ‘between pumps’ it is always advisable to go for the slightly higher powered pump than you need – you can always reduce the flow but you cannot increase it beyond the capacity of the pump.

This product carries a 2 year guarantee.

Please note: This water feature pump requires an outdoor power socket.

  • Max Performance (lph) – 3,000
  • Max Delivery Head (cm) – 370
  • Power Consumption (watts) – 70
  • Outlet Hosetail Size (dia mm) – 16+18mm
  • 10m cable length
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