Vitalis Tropical Flakes, 30 g


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New Era Tropical Flakes Fish Food Sourcing only natural ingredients and preservatives which are blended with our unique mineral profile exclusively formulated by New Era, we provide a complete balanced diet for tropical freshwater species. New Era Tropical Flakes provide a rich source of high quality protein, lipids and natural carotenoid pigments and have been designed to ensure filter efficiency and optimum water quality. Suitable for all community tropical freshwater species including: Tropical Angelfish, Tetras, Rasboras, Barbs, Livebearers, Gobies, Minnows, Rainbow fish, Puffer fish, Gouramis Features and Benefits Unique large flake formation Less waste – improved water quality Natural ingredients, sustainably sourced. Available in sizes 15g and 30g

  • Unique large flake formulation
  • Less waste – improved water quality
  • Natural ingredients
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients