VicTop Underwater LED Disco AquaGlow Aquarium Glow Light Show Pond Pool Spa Hot Tub Light


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The amazing water light show gizmo, which turns your bath tub to a sublime spa or a dazzling disco and everything in between. Whether you want gentle phasing light or a truly psychedelic party in your bath – the water light show is for you! This light emits a fantastic multi-coloured display offering 5 different sequences which you can change between by pressing the button on the side. Each style is made up of different combinations of red, orange, green and blue light using different patterns and displays, some flashing and some still. The multi-coloured effect is really awesome! The unique dome shape means that the light reaches out to illuminate the bathroom or swimming pool. A special balancing weight is also included so it can float. The light show is a great way to brighten up your swimming pool and jazz up your bath. Perfect for kids bathtimes – you wash while they groove!

How to use:

Press the boutton once to turn on, hold for 3seconds to turn off 5 Modes of Light Patterns:
by pressing on/off key on the top of underwater light to shift the light pattern
Easy Battery Insatllation:
Loosen the screw on tha battery cover and insert 3 AAA batteries(not included), replace the lip and tighten the screw before use.
Note: Please preventing the unit from scratch the surface, when install the batteries. And Do not drop into the water long time.

Package Included:

1 x LED water light show (Batteried not included.)

  • Water Float Light Show is a funky waterproof light box that you can pop underwater in your pool, spa or even bath tub, creating a beautiful light display perfectly for a relaxing night or an exciting party.
  • Five LED lights with five different colours, you can set your favourite colour freely.
  • This fabulous disco ball even floats, so you can project these mesmerising light patterns onto the sides of the pool, walls and up into the night.
  • The Underwater Light Show is designed with a magnifying cover, which maximises the area of illumination and makes for some pretty impressive light effects. There are no rules to say your Underwater Light Show even has to go anywhere near water to work.
  • We tried the Water Light Show indoors in a darkened room and the results are hypnotic. Attractive light patterns project 360 degrees around the room, covering the walls with colour, giving you a soothing mood light as well as a fantastic underwater disco ball.