Vehicle Maintenance LED Lights, Rechargable Handheld Heavy Duty and Emergency SOS, Magnetic design and Multifunction LED Lamp


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Product Description:

The FUAI FR-RL20 handheld LED work lamp is designed to operate off-road vehicles or using flexible lighting.

SOS Alert Strobe mode will be a super useful feature when you need help on the line. Rechargeable lithium battery, the duration of a single charge Tau hours.

Convenient and easy to use:

– Collection of magnetic, linked in one, easy to use.


– Use the built-LITHIUM battery-powered, avoiding the use of wires posed a security risk.

Heavy duty aluminum body:

– Whole aluminum alloy shell, light-emitting area plus a stainless steel shield, sturdy and reliable. overall anti-smashes, wear damage construction with stainless lamp protector extremely durable.


– SOS distress light, – strobe light, – steady light, – key support 3 files dimming (low light – the light – bright), – switch lights: Changan 3 seconds.


Special circumstances for a vehicle safety hammer emergency lights or use.


● Material: Aluminum

● Weight(g): 740

● LED Power: 20W

● Battery capacity: 7.4V / 5400mAh

● Charging time: 2.5 hours (12V / 2A)

● Maximum brightness: 1500 lumens

● Dimensions(mm): 260 (with handle) × 65 × 50

● When using Duration: 16 hours (180lux) / 8 hours (1200lux).

● Lighting time: bright (4 hours); the light (8 hours); low light (16 hours)


1 × units Maintenance Lamp

1 × USB cable

1 × Chinese version of the manual

  • ◆ Off-road trip handheld work lighting with metal hook and magnetic design .
  • ◆ Off-road trip SOS alert and use as safety hammer in case of emergency.
  • ◆ Off-road trip blast flashing function is helpful to drive wild animals away and harmless to animals .
  • ◆ Dimmer setting(Low/Medium/High).
  • ◆ Heavy duty overall aluminum body with stainless lamp protector extremely durable.