Urgestein Flour


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Sepu Urgestein meal Zeolite based consists of fine vulkanischem stone flour powder and is a pure natural product. It relaxes overused and stability for normal ground floors. This means that the better soil of fertility and water retention will work. Through the minerals and trace elements are widely included plants more resistant and the whole base Life Organic Naturally supported. For use on earth converts you 500 grams per square metre, with a rake or fork to be inserted into the ground easily.
For protecting of plant leaves against pests such as aphids, insects, pest flies, snails and sun rays is Sepu Urgestein Fuel Can also be used for the pollination of sheets. Don’t like the pH value Provides a light alkaline environment on the plant surface which has many pests. The silicon content with moisture, a against fungi. The pollination of your plants and leaves, for example, with Bestäubern, litter cans or by hand. By the fineness of the Sepu Urgestein Mehles turning the the flour also with manual use.
Sepu Urgestein powder has a approval as a enhancer, and is obtained from the following Zusammensetzungen; Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus, lime, clay and other natural clay.

  • Base auxiliary fabric made from the finest rock flour Zeolite based
  • Better soil of fertility and water retention
  • Provides vital minerals and trace elements, pollination of leaves than natural protection
  • Better Nutrient utilisation, Einbringung natural minerals and trace elements, avoid Überdüngung
  • Improved Water regulation/drainage, support of the construction of root systems
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