Tranello(TM) D301 DIY CO2 Generator System Planted Aquarium Kit Set With Pressure Guage 4 co2 generator D301 Bricolage Co2


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Product Description:
DIY Co2 generator system D301
Pre-connection, avoid wrong connection
Pure and long lasting Co2, promoting plants growing
Easy to set up, low cost, convenience, practical and safe
Universal design, fits most tanks or aquariums
Model: Pro (D301)
Material: ABS and Metal
-High quality ABS bottle caps, good pressure resistance, NO deformation
-2 air-pipe locks on the bottle cap, prevent the air-pipe get loose
-Specialized pressure gauge, build-in automatic safe valve,Keeps pressure in the safe level, never breaks the bottle
-Professional metal needle valve, adjusts Co2 discharge, Co2 can dissolve in the water fully,A little plummet at the end of pipe, ensure the pipe drown into water
What do you need to prepare for this systems?
below(not included):
200g x Citric acid powder or Vinegar
200g x Baking Soda powder
2 x Soft drink bottles (2 Liter)
Package Includes:
1 x Pro Needle Valve
1 x Safety valve (with pressure gauge)
2 x Bottle Caps with Air-pipe (Section A and Section B)
1 x Extra Air-pipe
2 x suction cup

  • Easy to set up low cost convenience practical and safe
  • Universal design fits most tanks or aquariums
  • High quality ABS bottle caps good pressure resistance NO deformation
  • 2 air-pipe locks on the bottle cap prevent the air-pipe get loose
  • Specialized pressure gauge build-in automatic safe valve Keeps pressure in the safe level never breaks the bottle