TNC Trace (AT) – Aquarium Plant Deficiency Treatment / Liquid Fertiliser Aquatic Nutrient Food for Planted Tanks


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Dosage :- 1ml / 10 litres will add – 0.2 Fe, 0.04 Mn, 0.01 Cu, 0.02 B, 0.03 Zn, 0.004 Mo (ppm).
Signs of Trace Deficiency – Often in both old and new leaves – The signs will vary depending on the element making it difficult to identify, but often visible yellowing between the leaf veins or death occurring at the tips and outer edges. It’s often a sound strategy to ensure you have sufficient trace elements so you can rule out these as the cause of the problem rather than try to “correct” a specific problem

  • Supplement will raise Trace Element levels in tank, this may not rescue a plant that is already too sick.
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Keep your tank clean – Remove decaying leaves.

Analysis :- 0.169% Fe, 0.037% Mn, 0.021% B, 0.023% Zn, 0.005% Cu, 0.003% Mo.

  • Increases levels of available Trace Elements in planted aquariums.
  • Prevents Trace Element deficiency causing sick aquarium plants.
  • Will not cause algae and is safe for shrimp, snails, other inverts and fish
  • Concentrated and economical treatment – With easy to use measuring system.