TNC Plugs – Aquarium plant food / Aquatic substrate fertiliser


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TNC Plugs provide a substrate fertilising system that is very simple to use. Just push a capsule in to the substrate and it will provide all the essential nutrients your plants need for healthy growth..

Due to the “on demand” release system each plug will feed your plants for up to 6 months, they don’t simply dissolve regardless of nutrient uptake – in turn this controlled release along with the complete nature of the plug means algae won’t be a problem.

If you have a particularly fussy or heavy feeding plant such as Amazon Swords or Crypts showing signs of yellowing or glassy leaves, place one or two capsules around their base to give them a boost of new growth.

TNC Plugs work great in conjunction with other fertilisers too such as TNC Complete, TNC Lite, TNC Carbon and TNC Iron.

“Excellent. Aquascapers with exhausted planting substrates will want some, community aquarium keepers with a few plants will want some, biotopers wanting to keep clusters of growth alive without weekly or daily dosing will want some – and they’re very cost effective for their anticipated lifespans. ” - Practical Fish Keeping

  • Easy to use – Simply push under any substrate including gravel & sand
  • Lasts up to 6 months with “on-demand” nutrient release that will not cause algae
  • Provides all essential plant nutrients including iron, perfect for both red and green plants
  • Shrimp and snail safe – so suitable for all planted aquariums, even ponds
  • Can be used in conjunction with liquid fertiliser, CO2, Carbon etc
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