TNC Nitrogen (AT) – Aquarium Plant Deficiency Treatment / Liquid Fertiliser Aquatic Nutrient Food for Planted Tanks


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Dosage :- 1ml / 10 litres will add 10 ppm NO₃ & 6.3 ppm K
Typical Target :- 5-30 ppm NO₃
Signs of Nitrogen Deficiency – Usually in old leaves – Stunted growth, leaves turn yellow and die off.

  • Supplement will raise Nitrogen (Nitrate) levels in tank, this may not rescue a plant that is already too sick.
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Keep your tank clean – Remove decaying leaves.

Analysis :- 8.09% NO₃, (1.83% N), 5.09% K, (6.13% K₂O)

  • Increases levels of available Nitrogen (N) in planted aquariums.
  • Prevents Nitrogen deficiency causing yellow / dying leaves in aquarium plants.
  • Will not cause algae and is safe for shrimp, snails, other inverts and fish
  • Concentrated and economical treatment – With easy to use measuring system.