Description: XP-09 Ultra Silence FishTank Filter External Aquarium Filter Fish Tank Water Pump Remove Oil ?The fish tank filter is ultra silence ?Multilayer filtering system, enhanced filtering effect â-Quickly and effeciently absorb the oil...

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Feature: â-Easy to install.(just peel off the back of the sticker and the transparent protective film at the front and stick it on the outside wall of the aquarium, that is it! No battery and suction cup to worry about) â-Both Celsius and...

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Perfect for any miniature garden, Dollhouse or Shadowbox scene. It built a fairy world for you when the Articles that would work well in a container mini garden or in a terrarium. Realistic shape, fine workmanship is essential micro landscape...

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Feature: ?Removes harmful gases, odor and discoloration. ?Disposable, quick, easy filtration unit. â-Filter adds life and beauty to your aquarium. ?Suitable for air corner cartridges filter. ?Temporary cloudiness may occur due to fine particles...

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Feature: ?The products include Volcanic stone / ammonia ecological stone / activated carbon / bio-beads / ceramic rings six kinds of filter material. You can choose one. ?Five kinds of filter materials, comprehensive filtering, improve water...

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Feature: ?The material has great thickness, it is durable. ?Very suitable for using in freshwater and marine water. ?Can be cut any sizes as your needed. ?Lightweight and softness design. ?Excellent water permeability. ?Cultivate the nitrifying...

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