Description: 13W 800L/H Aquarium Submersible Internal Filter Filtration Water Pump Aquarium Fish Tank - Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. - Durable impeller produces best circulation. - Applicable to pump water; provides oxygen; can...

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Feature:?This product consists of the diving pump and biochemical filter.The pump body is made from die-cast ABS engineering   ...

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These LED Alumunium Strips are manufactured to the highest standards available and are perfect for transforming many types of projects. This specific package is aimed at customers / companies with an interest in water related projects as the...

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Warning: Tighten the cap (clockwise rotation) until you cannot anymore before placing it under water. Water can erode light quickly if the cap is not at absolute tightest position. Special occasion lighting only. Please take it out of the water...

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Features: Brushless, permanent magnetic rotor, maintenance-free. Stator and circuit board sealed by epoxy resin. Amphibious design. USB interface, DC 5V input. Enclosed with static sealing, not dynamic, which can avoid leaking problems. ...

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Features: Waterproof DC Brushless Motor Pump. High quality material ensures a good heat dissipation capacity. Can connect to the car power, work with 12V/24V battery, convenient for outdoor use. Pump motor shaft with high quality wear-resistant...

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