---Do you have a pool or spa you'd like to jazz up for a party? Underwater Light Show is a funky waterproof light box that you can pop underwater in your pool, spa or even bath tub, creating a beautiful light display perfect for a relaxing night...

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Specification: Type : LED Underwater Light Material: Aluminum Light Color: RGB Waterproof: IP68 Power : 9W Input Voltage: AC 12-24V Remote Key Quantity: 24 Remote Battery: CR2025 (included) Features : - Fully submersible and perfectly sealed,...

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Feature: The Underwater Light show is a great way to brighten up you bathtub or jazz up your swimming pool There are 7 different sequences which you can change between by pressing the button on the side. Each style is made up of different...

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Description: The amazing water light show gizmo, which turns your bath tub to a sublime spa or a dazzling disco and everything in between. Whether you want gentle phasing light or a truly psychedelic party in your bath - the water light show is...

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