Do you want your garden or yard to look different from your neighbors at night? These colorful pebbles stones are made of durable resin and photoluminescent pigment material, can absorb sunlight, natural light or artificial light and glow bright...

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Note: This water pump comes with NO power storage function, so it will work only when there is sunlight to provide solar power and will not work when there is no sunlight. Features - Color: mainly black. - Material: durable hard plastic and...

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Ensure you water is up to par with these two different water testing tools. Measure total disolved solids and pH level in liquids w/ this handy bundle. HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded...

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This pentype digital pH Meter measure pH level range from 0~14pH and has the following advance features: automatic calibration (pH4, pH7 & pH10), waterproof - designed to protect against windblown dust, powder dust, water splashes, rain and wash...

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Specification: Voltage: 7V Power Of Solar Panel: 1.4W Brushless pump power consumption: 7V 160MA Power of Pump: 1.1W Diameter of solar panel : Approx 16cm / 6.3" Vertical spray up to 30-50 cm Maximum Flow: 160 L/H Delay: ≤5s Useful...

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