Primrose Solar Aerator / Oxygenator 2 stone for small to medium ponds This this solar powered air pump oxygenates pond water in sunny weather when oxygen levels are depleted. Two separate air stones, each with a metre and a half of tubing, allow...

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Smart Solar 2 Stone Oxygenator The Smart Solar Solar Oxygenator is an ingenious air pump suitable for small to medium ponds. Working via solar power these air pumps oxygenate pond water when oxygen levels are depleted. The 2 stone pump oxygenates...

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This Solar Air Pump doesn't need plugging into the mains. Just put the solar panel in a sunny spot and it starts automatically. This means your fish get extra oxygen when they need it most (in hot weather) and you don't have to pay any running...

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Solar Aerator / Oxygenator 2 Stone with Pebble Cover An ingenious pebble effect polyresin cover disguises the main body of this oxygenator, so that the device blends into the surroundings of your garden and doesn't ruin the natural aesthetic of...

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Package: E-3LUE® package LOGO stickered E-3LUE® Solar Power Pond Oxygenator Air Pump Oxygen Pool Aquarium Fish Tank Sea Fishing Description: •Durable plastic exterior •1pc 1.50m transparent air pipes •Suitable for small to medium sized...

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