" Specifications Measuring range: 0-9990ppm Accuracy: ¡À 3% Batteries: 2x 1.5V LR44 button cells Auto shut-off: 10 minutes Operating temperature: 0-99?C / 32-212?F ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation): 0-50¡æ/ 122¨H Weight: 54g ...

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This Pentype pH Meter is for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. It has accuracy of ±0.1pH and 3-point of calibration with glass tip replaceable electrode suitable for your testing needs. Features Selectable temperature unit...

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Description:New, top qualitySuitable for the Aquarium1 x LR44 button cell battery2.5 x 1.2 CM, digital LCD screenSwitching between Celsius/Fahrenheit (¡ã C / ¡ã F)ON/OFF switchMeasuring range:-50 ~ + 70 C, accuracy: +-1 C.Length: 1mWith...

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Product Description : The TDS meter is the perfect device for testing the purity of liquids, popular in home drinking water, pools, waterworks laboratory, CDC, aquaculture water quality detection. Feature: Portable and easy to use, this meter...

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Specifications: Measurement range: EC: 0-9990Ous/cm; TDS:0-9990ppm; Degrees Celsius: 0.1-80.0 Celsius; Fahrenheit: 32.0-176.0 Accuracy: ±2% Size: 154mm * 30mm * 14mm Color: White How to use it: 1. Please unplug the electrode sleeve before use...

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Features: *The Semlos Digital TDS EC meter is used for testing the quality purity of filter water,to check for hardness (1grain=17ppm),and make sure you always drink pure water. *Can be used in : Water purifiers and filters, food(vegetable ,...

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