Feature:With blue digital LED displayWith waterproof sensorWith C/F conversion, adopt industrial chip instead of the traditional cheap chipCan be used for domestic freezer, water tanks, industrial chiller and medical facility and so on.Supply...

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Introduction EUGO PH Meter is the perfect device for determining the acidity or alkalinity of liquids.It's incredibly easy to use-just immerse the electrode and the readings are automatically displayed.Each unit comes with a carrying case and six...

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The CD-208 controller is not only a very reliable, and highly exact conductivity measuring instrument (1µS) with an 4-digits LCD display but it also serves also for the regulation of the CD value in liquids e.g. water in ponds, aquarium, swimming...

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Ensure you water is up to par with these two different water testing tools. Measure total disolved solids and pH level in liquids w/ this handy bundle. HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded...

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Features :1.This item can be used in : water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) , drink quality monitoring, pools and spas, aquariums, hydroponics.2.Hold function : Saves measurements for convenient reading and recording3.Auto-off...

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This pentype digital pH Meter measure pH level range from 0~14pH and has the following advance features: automatic calibration (pH4, pH7 & pH10), waterproof - designed to protect against windblown dust, powder dust, water splashes, rain and wash...

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