Introduction EUGO PH Meter is the perfect device for determining the acidity or alkalinity of liquids.It's incredibly easy to use-just immerse the electrode and the readings are automatically displayed.Each unit comes with a carrying case and six...

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This pentype digital pH Meter measure pH level range from 0~14pH and has the following advance features: automatic calibration (pH4, pH7 & pH10), waterproof - designed to protect against windblown dust, powder dust, water splashes, rain and wash...

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Model Number:58-92 Brix% Size:30*40*155 Weight:0.11Kg Min. Div.:0.5 Brix% Measurement ange:Sugar content, Baume degreesThe main purposeHoney concentration meter, specifically detect a number of indicators of honey.The main technical parameters1....

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" Specifications Measuring range: 0-9990ppm Accuracy: ¡À 3% Batteries: 2x 1.5V LR44 button cells Auto shut-off: 10 minutes Operating temperature: 0-99?C / 32-212?F ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation): 0-50¡æ/ 122¨H Weight: 54g ...

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The TDS meter is a handheld and convenient digital tool to instantly check your overall water quality. Submerge the item for no more than 5cm (from the begin) and gently stir, wait for 10~30 seconds and press the "hold" button to get the the...

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Specifications: Power Supply voltage: DC 7-30V (with anti-reverse protection) Measuring temperature: -55 to 125°c Accuracy: about 0.2 °c Sensor cable length: 3 meters Dimensions : 33mm x 24mm x 17.5mm Installation dimensions: 30mm x...

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