Premium quality marine algae.An all natural, very nutritious supplement for all grazing fish, rich in Vitamin C and 100% digestible.An optimal food source for marine herbivores and freshwater herbivorous fish.Enhanced with natural garlic extract...

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This is 2kg of Premium Activated Carbon Media for fresh,pond and marine external filters supplied in aluminium pouch.Please scroll down to see how do we send our product to avoid any damage due a transport to meet best standard and great price....

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Prodibio Stop Ammo neutralizes ammonia. And it is a natural product is made from extracts of plants that grow in deserts. These plants have developed a system - glico-composti - The molecular which main property is to bind the ammonium...

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Tetra Marine SafeStart 250ml SafeStart accelerates the establishment of the bio-filter in newly set-up freshwater aquariums. The live bacteria start working immediately to provide a safe and healthy environment for your fish without the long...

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Main Features of the marine aquarium kits for children Aquarium Plastic of 3.7 L with lid black (Pirates) or white (Mermaid) Can be used as corner aquarium or normal The corner design allows the aquarium use The space of the corners Filter with...

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Description:New, top qualitySuitable for the Aquarium1 x LR44 button cell battery2.5 x 1.2 CM, digital LCD screenSwitching between Celsius/Fahrenheit (¡ã C / ¡ã F)ON/OFF switchMeasuring range:-50 ~ + 70 C, accuracy: +-1 C.Length: 1mWith...

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