The Lily Garden Aquarium is crafted with a panel design for an exceptional premium finish and are supplied with a custom built box welded liner using quintuple welding technology. Unique to Garden Aquarium is the Clear View range providing two...

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Available within 7 days    * High quality components    * Durable and reliable    * Unique switchable hybrid intake system    * Multi-purpose cage mode - allows water to be drawn into pump from pond floor and above    * Sludge...

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Laguna Powerjet Free-Flow Fountain Pump 7500 - 7500 lph / 1650 gphThe Laguna Free Flo range provides high performance fountain / waterfall pump kits to help create beautiful water features in your pond. The Laguna Power Jet Free Flo is a low...

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Heritage Floating Pond Sticks Mix 10L Bucket. Heritage Pond Mix Floating Sticks is suitable for all Coldwater Fish, including Koi, Orfe, Carp, Goldfish and many other species. The High Quality Heritage Variety Mix contains a Balance Mix of;...

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K1 Micro is specifically designed for use in bead filters, conventional pond filters and aquarium filters. K1 Micro has the same wheel shaped design as K1 Media, but it has an increased protected surface area of 950 m2 per m3. The wheel shaped...

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Instant Ocean is a sea salt mix is the most carefully formulated sea salt in the world with every ingredient in Instant Ocean being carefully selected and tested. Contains all the required major, minor and trace elements to simulate sea water in...

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