Feature: ?Removes harmful gases, odor and discoloration. ?Disposable, quick, easy filtration unit. â-Filter adds life and beauty to your aquarium. ?Suitable for air corner cartridges filter. ?Temporary cloudiness may occur due to fine particles...

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Description: 100% Brand New, High Quality. Grass base: color random Warm notes: 1: Put directly in your tank, plant in sand, or press with pebbles. 2: Special for fish tank & Aquarium, no any toxic or damage to fish or live plants. 3: Provide...

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Luminous Artificial Jellyfish for Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament. These jellyfish will ba a best choice to decorate your fish tank. They are luminous in dark environment, which makes your fish tank more beautiful and vivifying. Attention: when you...

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MEAL WORMS dried larvae of mealworms. Dried larvae of mealworms are a perfect, high-energy food for reptiles and large aquarium fish. Drying technique maintains maximum nutritional quality of fresh larvae, guarantees long storage and makes the...

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The Exo Terra® Dripper Plant is a realistic plant that was designed to meet the watering needs of tree dwelling reptiles and amphibians like e.g. Chameleons.Arboreal reptiles generally do not recognise motionless sources of water; instead they...

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Note: The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and your own computer Material: Plastic + sponge + ceramic Colour: Black Weight:287g Type:Large size Product Size: 14.1 x 12cm/5.6'' x 4.7''(L x W) length of trachea:7cm/2.8'' ...

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