Feature: ?Removes harmful gases, odor and discoloration. ?Disposable, quick, easy filtration unit. ●Filter adds life and beauty to your aquarium. ?Suitable for air corner cartridges filter. ?Temporary cloudiness may occur due to fine particles...

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Feature: ?This artificial plant is great for fish tank decoration. ?Green and red color, very beautiful and lifelike. ?They are durable in salt and fresh water. ?Absolutely safe for fish, they won't die, rot or cause any algae problems. ?Provides...

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Frost-proof figure Large Turtle 40 cm garden decoration animal animal statue garden figures new stone solid cast stone Don't Have a gift? Product Description Large Turtle made of solid cast stone. The material is highly resistant to weather and...

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Red Lava Volcano Lamp Soothing Motion Relaxing Glitter Light Novelty Gift NewVolcanos are an awe inspiring sight to see especially when they are erupting. The problem is they really need to be observed from a distance......a very long distance....

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Description: 100% Brand New, High Quality. Grass base: color random Warm notes: 1: Put directly in your tank, plant in sand, or press with pebbles. 2: Special for fish tank & Aquarium, no any toxic or damage to fish or live plants. 3: Provide...

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Wide Range 12° to 42°C adhesive backed Liquid crystal vertical thermometer in 3 degree centigrade increments (12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42C°) for all types of uses, including room thermometers, Conservatories, greenhouses, reptile...

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