Specification: Type: LED Plants Growing Strip Light Waterproof: IP65 LED Type: SMD 5050 LED Quantity: 60LED/Meter (Red:Blue = 4:1) Led Color: Red and blue LED Wavelength: Red: 660nm; Blue: 445nm Beam Angle: 120 degrees Voltage: DC 12V (without...

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Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum 120cm +/- Potsize 24cm, is a very easy going, evergreen house plant which flowers for month after placing it in a sunny location. According to "NASA Clean Air Study" it is one of the best Air purifying Plants for your...

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These 2" x 8.5" ceramic art hand-painted House Numbers will add a lovely touch to the entrance of your house. Each House Number can easily attached to a wall or fence. As shown in the image above, the top and bottom designs on each tile can be...

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LED Strip Blue 9.45 inch (240 mm) Long Ideal for Aquaria Hobby Car Home and Garden the advantages: *modern LED technology *Flexible *Waterproof *ready-to fit with approx. 27.56 (70 cm) Inch Connection Cable *Secure Technology...

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Chlorophytum comosum is a very popular flowering perennial herb with a lot of names like Spider Plant, Spider Ivy, Ribbon Plant, St. Bernard's lily or hen and chicken. This Plant is a very popular house plant because its so easy to care because...

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Stephanotis, ring Sling, Madagascar Jasmin 45 cm +/- The Ring Sling (Stephanotis floribunda) is a species of Genus Stephanotis in the Subfamily by Asclepiadaceae family (Apocynaceae).Home to a wreath loop is located in mountain regions Madagascar....

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