Adjustable Temperature Pet Fish Aquarium Heating Mat Pad Description:Power:14 Watt 220/240vThis mat is suit for fish,snake,reptile and reptile amphibians.This Heat Mat is easy to use, simply plug it in and off you go.The Mat then heats the glass,...

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The Lambda Aquarii heater Hydrokable Cable is a substrate heater suitable for freshwater, saltwater aquarium and terrariums. Can be used fully submerged or in a dry environment.In the aquarium, the water to higher temperature water creates a slow...

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ower:14 Watt 220/240v ; This mat is suit for fish,snake,reptile and reptile amphibians. ; This Heat Mat i s easy to use, simply p lug it in and off you go. ; The Mat then heats the glass, which heats the sand so you can rely on it to provide the...

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Note: Inkbird ITC-306T timer heating temperature controller,no cooling fuction You can set 24 hours day & night time cycle, which may better suited to the physiological needs of animals and plants. ITC-306T is a plug in thermostat with timing...

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