Stone figure mystical Gargoyle Gargoyl gateways Wächter troll frost-proof Solid patinated antique stone cast, don't have a gifts in Middle Class English homes. Product Description Wall Gargoyle made of solid cast stone. The material is highly...

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Pachypodium lamerei has a silvery-gray trunk covered with little spines and Long narrow leaves, growing only at the top of the trunk, like a palm tree delivered appr. 30cm +/- tall in a plastic Pot and gives your home or office an exotic touch...

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Decorative Frost Free Solid Stone guss. Don't Have a gift 6.5 kg in weight. Product Description Dragon Lying Down made from solid cast stone. The material is highly resistant to weather and of course 100% frost-proof. You can run the item summer,...

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Hang this item to create a different kind of atmosphere for your home. You can also send this unique hanging art to your friend who love fish as a special gift. The fish scales are stenciled and the material is a durable nylon. The condition of...

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Frost-proof figure Large Turtle 40 cm garden decoration animal animal statue garden figures new stone solid cast stone Don't Have a gift? Product Description Large Turtle made of solid cast stone. The material is highly resistant to weather and...

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Dragon Bones are a colourful and quirky gift for teens and adults alike. It's quirky looks make it an ideal decorative houseplant that is sure to strike conversations. They have wavy, crested stems which adds an interesting appeal to its overall...

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