Product Introduce: This Satu Brown String Lights are made up of 30 crystal ball Leds. The highly efficient solar panel will convert sunlight into electrical energy for the leds. The light-control panel will be charged in the daytime (enough light)...

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Wide Range adhesive backed Liquid crystal vertical thermometer for all types uses, including room thermometers, fish enclosures. Scale from 0°C to 75°C, with easy to read liquid crystal colouring. Just peel off the paper backing and apply to a...

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Sufficient mineral and micro organism in water will lead to healthy, beautiful coloration and higher breeding rate shrimps. Name Shirakura Mineral Powder Weight 10g (0.35 oz) Mineral Powder Benefits - Mineral Rock Powder contains very high portion...

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You are winning 1 Shirakura White Mineral Powder 10g (0.35 oz) We recommend to use this product: - during tank setup - dose it regular into your tank water column Sufficient minerals in water will give colors to shrimps (especially for specimens,...

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Diameter 1.6 to 2 inches + 1 small marimo free! Excellent gift for your friend or loved ones to signify everlasting love... The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck. Hence, they grow it in a glass bottle with just some water & ceiling...

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