Feature: ?Safely separates new-born fry form mother and other fish or isolates injured or aggressive fish. ?New frame style with removable, locking legs. ?Assembling instruction: Insert four posts firmly into the holes in upper frame and lower...

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Feature: ?Novel design and elegant outlook. ?Removable food canister. ?LED display. ?Humanized setup mode. Different feeding may be programmed according to different types of breeding and feeding habits. ?Variety of setup modes are available for...

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Feature: ?Please confirm that the voltage and frequency of the power are up to the specifications marked on the nameplate of product before using this product. ?The installation position of plug for this pump should be higher htan the max....

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Feature: ?With streamline design, it is beautiful and decent. Made from ABS plastic, the shell of the body is firm, durable and endures to shock. And the air-intake room is made from macromolecule complex rubber, and has long service lifetime. ?It...

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Feature:?This product consists of the diving pump and biochemical filter.The pump body is made from die-cast ABS engineering   ...

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