Super UD Self Watering Planter 7-Inch, Hydro Series Flowerpot with Water Fill Gauge Foolproof Plant Care and Super Happy (Green)


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Use Note

1. Set Up ( indoor & outdoor)
First make sure the black and red stopper are firmly installed. ( Removed red stopper for outdoor usage.

2. Put on Plant
Put a layer of soil on top of the foam stone and plant any type of green you like, then carfully cover the root with soil again.

3. Initiation
Once the plant has settled in, initiate HydroSystem by fill in water according to the water level indicator.

4. Irrigation
Use top-watering for the first 2 weeks depending on the type of plant.

  • - SIZE – 18*13.5*16cm MATERICAL: Plastic
  • - LESS WATERING – Watering chores reduced to weeks instead of days
  • - FOOLPROOF – The handy fill gauge lets you know when and how much to water
  • - NO GREEN THUMB NEEDED – Anyone can grow beautiful plants regardless of age or ability
  • - HAPPY ROOTS – Absorbs water from the built in aquifer while supplying vital oxygen to plant roots