SunSun spare part: filter media kit for aquarium external filter HW-404B


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Aquarium filter media kit for SunSun HW-404B consisting of ceramic rings, bio balls, filter fleece and filter mat

Ceramic rings
Ceramic glass rings for internal and external filters. The filter media with mechanical filtration are used for removing suspended particles. The ceramic rings make a water turbulance in the filter basket due to their special form and large surface. This way floating particles deposit themselves while sinking and coarse dirt particles are removed from the water circulation. This filter material creates optimal conditions for filter bacteria which reduce nitrite peaks better than other filter materials. Due to their small size, ceramic rings can be applied even in the small components of internal, external and cascade filters.

Bio Balls
Bio balls are used in aquaristics as mechanical and biological filter media. These balls offer bacteria a large area for their accumulation and are considered to be high performance filter media for powerful filter systems. In contrast to other filter media, bio balls have a virtually unlimited life-span which makes them a popular and cheap filter medium for pond filter systems, trickle filters and chamber filters.

Filter wadding
Filter media like fleece, wadding or pads play an essential part in the modern aquaristics. Coarse dirt particles are absorbed by means of filter wadding, pads reduce the nitrate, cleanse the water of chemical impurities and provide ideal conditions for the settlement of filter bacteria.

Filter sponge
Filter mats use structured materials consisting of porous phenol-free specialty foam. Splashing water they hold mechanically rough and fine particles remains fixed. After a run-time settle in the tissue bacteria, which provide further intensive biological decomposition of pollutants. Washable and reusable.

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