SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood, 3 Pieces, 5 inches Long: Aquarium Decoration and Chew Toys for small pets

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Derived from the dried husk of the Cholla cactus, SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood is the smart choice for all conscientious pet owners. These organic soft woods are all natural, thorn-free and treated to make sure there are zero traces of chemicals or harmful substances that may hurt your pets.

SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood is popular among shrimps, fry, fishes, pleco and hermit crabs. The Cholla Wood holes provide hiding spots for the smaller breeds after they molt or when they are feeling vulnerable. They also provides a food source for biofilm that shrimps feed on, similar to what certain leaves do. The wood will eventually break down and disintegrate but it will take at least a year for the thinnest pieces and even longer for the thicker ones.

Cholla Wood naturally works great as decorative aquarium pieces. But did you know they can also be used as bird toys? Pet owners have sought out Cholla wood for reptiles, birds, chinchillas, parrots, crabs, rabbits, and hamsters to chew on.

Cholla is also useful for decorating any potted plant. Just stand them in any potted plant to add a touch of genuine Southwestern character. Hobbyists have also used the rustic look of Cholla wood for carving craft.

Each pack of SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood contains 3 pieces, each 5 inches long. For transportation purposes, they are shipped to you dried. Simply soak them in water for 24 – 48 hours and they will start to sink to the bottom of the tank, ready for your aquatic pets to chew and play with.

  • GENUINE CHOLLA WOOD — SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood is the dried husk of the Cholla cactus. Each pack contains 3 pieces, each 5 inches long with a hollowed centre. Simply soak for 24 to 48 hours and it’ll sink to the bottom of the tank.
  • NATURAL AND SAFE — SunGrow® Natural Cholla Wood is all natural, guaranteed organic, thorn-free and chemical-free. It is safe for all pets. Shrimp, fry, pleco, hermit crabs, fishes, even reptiles and birds love Cholla wood.
  • FOR PLAYING AND HIDING — Small shrimps, fry and fishes enjoy swimming through and hiding in the Cholla Wood to feel safe.
  • FOR CHEWING AND ADDITIONAL NUTRITION — Larger fishes and hermit crabs sometimes chew on Cholla Wood or eat the microorganisms that grow on Cholla Wood. Reptiles, hamsters, birds and other small pets also enjoy using Cholla Wood as a safe chew toy.
  • DECORATIVE FOR PLANTS AND CRAFTS — Cholla Wood is used to enhance the appearance of potted plant and flora. Their naturally rustic surfaces are coveted for crafts. Hobbyists often use these for making candle-holders or for simply decorating a photo frame.