SUNGROW MINI CATAPPA LEAVES: 50 pieces of tropical Indian almond tree leaves for tannin-rich water


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Every hobbyist knows how tough it is to keep their fishes comfortable, healthy and calm… especially with smaller fish species. A secret many aquarium owners know is to make sure the tank water is as close to their fish breed’s natural habitat. SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves is the perfect solution.

SunGrow Mini Catappa leave are smaller Catappa leaves that are great for smaller tanks. They make it easier to control the amount of tannin you wish to introduce to your water.

Perfect for Amazonian and Tropical breeds like tetra and bettas, blackwater or tannin-rich water is water with lower pH, making it comfortable enough for fishes, keeping them calm. This is especially helpful when you are moving them or when you are introducing new fishes to the tank.

On top of that, tannin-rich acidic water is also vital for keeping your Amazonian and Tropical fishes healthy. They strength fish scales, and keep fishes fungal-free.

If you have breeding fishes, SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves also serve to provide fishes with a safe place to anchor their eggs. Because you are using real leaves, you don’t have to worry about chemicals, preservatives or artificial colouring that may be present in bottled forms of tannins-assimilators. Natural is always best and SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves is always organic.

Every packet is shipped to you all the way from the exotic parts of Southeast Asia the moment your order is in. Every leaf is handpicked just hours before shipment to ensure that it gets to you in the freshest form possible. Each packet contains 50 leaves and every leaf is collected before the they fall to the ground and cleaned carefully, ensuring that they are free from chemicals and bugs. It is safe and ready-to-use the moment you receive it in the mail. Just place a few leaves in your tank and only remove when they disintegrate.

  • ORGANIC, MINI CATAPPA LEAVES — SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves are hand picked just before they fall. Each leaf is handpicked just hours before shipment to ensure they are of premium grade and free from bugs and fungus when it gets to you.
  • CLEANED AND READY TO USE — Every SunGrow Mini Catappa leaf is cleaned and processed carefully to make sure no residual chemicals or organisms are on them. They are organic and safe so you don’t have to boil them. All you need to do is place them in your tank.
  • SMALLER LEAVES, EASIER PORTION CONTROL — Each packet contains 50 leaves, which is great value for money. Smaller Catappa leaves makes for easier portion control and a good way to slowly introduce tannin-rich water especially for smaller fishes in smaller tanks.
  • NATURAL HOMELY ENVIRONMENT FOR FISH — Blackwater, or tannin-rich water has many great benefits for fishes like tetra and betta. It is the natural water condition in their natural habitat, so placing your fish in such water calms them down. It also helps accelerate their natural healing rate, prevents fishes from getting ill easily and provides fishes with a place to anchor their eggs.
  • SAFE WAY TO ADD TANNINS TO WATER — Unlike bottled tannins-assimilator that may contain preservatives, chemicals and even colouring, SunGrow Mini Catappa leaves are organic and natural so you know what goes into your tank. Simply drop a few leaves into the water and you’ll notice the water turning brown in just a few hours. Remove only when the leaves start to disintegrate.
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