SunGrow Indian Almond Leaves /Catappa Tropical Almond Leaves Xl Size X 10


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Natural Catappa Tropical Almond Leaves Add directly to your aquarium, using 1 leaf per 50-100 L. Indications: Catappa Tropical Almond Leaves leaf have a tannin (tannins, sa punicalin, punicalagin and teracatein) which is very good for the fish, tropical good for Beta fish. Anti-bacterial.Help fish feel safer. The benefits of almond leaves. 1. Helps to inhibit bacteria that can cause disease to fish. 2. Helps to prevent parasites suck on fish. 3. Helps to reduce stress to the fish. 4. Helps in wound healing. Because there have tannin would healing. 5. Helping to accelerate fish beautiful colors. 6. Helps to adjust the PH of the water.

  • Natural water conditioner & mucous membrane protection
  • Promotes well-being & vitality
  • Vital for the care & breeding of Betta species
  • Tannins thicken mucous membranes & prevent disease
  • Bag Contents 10 Leaves (15-25 cm / 6-10 inch)