Spor Mia FE 300ml Bag Düngek Balls Aquarium Ground Feeder


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A natural iron 100% and after fertiliser for the substrate. Its main material is with minerals, trace elements, Iron and seaweed meal. The Sea Algae flour kompostiert in the ground with the help of it Genährten bacterial cultures also be used to organic waste, which even a bow of plant nutrients. The minerals in the Düngek sphere build is only. After a certain time compressing your this the substrate in the close to the plants. Therefore, it should be every 2 to 3 months The Ground Around The Plant slightly lower with the Vario gravel cleaner the verdichteten minerals to relieve. + Düngek sphere close to the plant root, with the hand into the substrate. With short plants range 1 to 2 balls. And with larger aquatic plants up to 4 beads. + of fertilizer or manure after a plant care otherwise in increments of 3 - 4 weeks. + 300 ml bags - , which is enough for a 200 l aquarium more than 1 years. + before purchasing you need advice please contact us under 06533 94533.

  • A natural iron 100% and in fertiliser for the substrate
  • Its main material is minerals, trace elements, iron and seaweed meal
  • The Seaweed flour Kompostiert in the ground with the help of bacterial cultures also be used to organic waste
  • Die to plant nutrients will be available and the plant in the ground