Solar Pond Oxygenator


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Smart Solar 2 Stone Oxygenator The Smart Solar Solar Oxygenator is an ingenious air pump suitable for small to medium ponds. Working via solar power these air pumps oxygenate pond water when oxygen levels are depleted. The 2 stone pump oxygenates when the sun is shining and works on ponds up to 5000 litres. Simple to install, no wiring and no running costs. During hot weather the water temperature rises and its ability to dissolve oxygen reduces. In theory this will be at its worst during the day when the sun is beating down on your pond but there are other mitigating factors. This oxygenator has been cleverly designed to operate automatically whenever the sun is hitting the solar panel. Features suitable for small/medium ponds (up to 5000 litres) 2 air-stones (2m long tubes) separate solar panel 3m cable to solar panel air flow 180l/h no wiring, simply install and enjoy no operation costs Dimensions Length 16.5cm 96.4 inches) Width 10.2cm (4 inches)

  • 2 air-stones with 6.5ft : 2m long tubes
  • Operates in direct sunlight only – particularly suitable for ponds with no oxygenating plants
  • Provides oxygenation in hot and sunny conditions when it is needed most
  • No wiring, simply install and enjoy. No operating costs.
  • Air flow rate 180 l/h. Powered by a separate solar panel (supplied)
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