Solar Aerator / Oxygenator 2 Stone for Small To Medium Ponds by Solaray

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Primrose Solar Aerator / Oxygenator 2 stone for small to medium ponds

This this solar powered air pump oxygenates pond water in sunny weather when oxygen levels are depleted. Two separate air stones, each with a metre and a half of tubing, allow you to provide oxygen to your entire pond rather than just one section. It is solar powered so that you will save money from your energy bill and you won’t have to run a mains cable outside.

Oxygen plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy pond environment. Fish need oxygen to breathe and biological filtration requires water rich with oxygen. In order to maintain a stable pond environment, with clean and clear water, you have to ensure that your pond is adequately oxygenated. The cleverly disguised appearance of the oxygenator is revolutionary, considering the more regular unappealing aesthetics of typical appliances. This item works best in direct sunlight to the solar unit.


– 2 air stones each with 1.5m tubing – immerse the air stones into two separate areas to fully oxygenate your entire pond
– Solar power – environmentally friendly, saves money on your energy bill, no need for an outside electrical cable
– 1m cable up to solar panel – find a sunny spot for the solar panel away from the pond
– Air rate of 180 LPH – suitable for a pond up to 3000l in volume


– 1 Metre of cable to remote solar station
– 2 x 1.5 Metre tube for airstones
– Zero operating costs
– Air rate of 180 LPH

For our ‘pebble covered’ oxygenator see ASIN: B00DO7060K
Or maybe you would prefer our standard one stone oxygenator see ASIN: B004YD67S8

Works best in direct sunlight

  • 1 Metre of cable solar panel
  • 2 x 1.5 Metre tubes for the airstones
  • Air rate of 180 LPH
  • Green pump housing makes it easy to disguise in a garden setting
  • This solar oxygenator is is an ingenious air pump suitable for small to medium ponds up to 3000 litres.
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