Sicce Pond Pressure Filter Greenreset 40, black, 8000 litres / hour


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Green Reset 40 is a pressure filter realized for a simple but effective cleaning of your pond. Green Reset 40 is not a pond filter do it yourself, but it’s a professional filter with UV light 20 watt without pump that you can chose in reference to the scope of your pond or basin. This filter is suitable for ponds with a capacity up to 16,000 liters of water. Here some examples: If you want to associate a pump 4000 l/h it is enough for a pond from 5000 to 8000 liters, while a pump 8000 l/h is enough for a small lake that ranges from 8000 to 16,000 liters of water. If you want to see the pattern of lower power, please see the Green Reset 25. Technical Information: the water pass through the sponges, then through the Bio-Balls and then the water will be sterilized through the UV-C lamp that provides the crystalline effects to the pond water. Technical Datas: – Model Green Reset 40 – Model 20 Watt (UVC supplied) – Power pressure: 0.4 BAR – 5.8 psi – Content filter: 40 liters of water (11 gallons) – 30/25 mm (1.18 / 0.98 “) reports supported – For ponds up to a capacity of 12,000 to 16,000 liters of water (with reference to the pump associated). Use: raise up the handle; turn the side knobs and rotate the lid handle in the “cleaning” position; press the handle down (if the filter is buried, just press with the foot) for the total cleaning of the sponges.

  • 3 settings: mechanical, biological and chemical
  • Ideal for construction of the Waterfalls
  • Easy to use thanks to innovative cleaning the System of “Easy Clean”
  • Compact design
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