SenWeit 225 LED 15W 50000hrs Plant Light Vegetable Flower Budding Horticulture Grow Panel Lighting Bulb Board Indoor Greenhouse Botanic Garden Hydroponic Growth Lamp Red & Blue Mixed 85-265V 1350Lm ¡­


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Ultra bright and environment-friendly, no UV and IR radiation.
Long service life and high luminous efficiency.
Stylish and exquisite appearance.
It is suitable for showcase, residential, office, hotel lobby, shop, exhibition room, landscaping, etc.

Configuration: 225 x LEDs,135 Red, 90 Blue
Light color£ºRed and Blue mixed
Output voltage: 15W (225PCS)
Limited voltage: 85-265V
Input current: 0.07-0.1A
Work frequency: 50-60Hz
Operating temperature: -20 to 40¡æ
Storage condition: -40 to 85¡æ
WaveLength: Red 630nm, Blue 460nm
Color temperature: 3500-6500K
Lifecycle: >50,000hrs
Package size: 312 * 312 * 34mm

Package list:
1x 15w led plant light

User Manual:
1. Before using, please kindly read the specification carefully.
2. Indoor use only
3. The lighting area and the height above the plant can be changed according to the environment and species of the plant, above parameters are suggestive.
4. Blue is good for vegetatives and red is good for flowering and budding, which have wonderful efficacy for the plant.

Growing Period- LED’s light can be left on for up to 24 hours without causing any pressure to your plant because the Chlorophyll really don’t have any problem with unnecessary light-waves. LED lights can also be used to extend the day season of your light cycle during Winter up to 4 – 6 hours, it will help lengthen the grow season by 365 days each year

  • Pack:1x90w led plant light
  • Configuration:90 x LEDs
  • Wave Length:Red 630nm, Blue 460nm, Orange 610nm
  • Voltage:90V-260V
  • Color temperature:3500-6500K