Senua T5 Low Energy Fluorescent Tube For Hydroponics 6500 K


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Senua T5 lighting has proved to be a revelation for plant production and for aquariums. Now there is truly a fluorescent alternative for all stages of plant growth as well as for fish and reptiles.

Light for living things

T5′s used in propagation will produce even growth and bushiness with short internodes and thick stems. However, unlike other fluorescent lights they can be used throughout the growth cycle to produce mature plants of great quality.

The Senua Hydroponics Advantage

The perfect colour temperature for plants, aquaria and reptiles – just watch the response

Reduced heat output allows closer positioning to plants, fish or animals.

Ideal for use in enclosed spaces – less heat build-up.

T5 fluorescent tubes maintain lumen output longer and generally cost less than HID lamps.

Senua T5 fixtures take up minimal space and can hang vertically or horizontally.

Senua T5 will support both vegetative growth AND fruiting and flowering.

  • T5 Grow Fluorescent Fixture & 6500K Bulbs Different sizes available
  • 2 x 24 w tubes
  • 3300 lumens ; 6500 kelvin
  • 220/240 V AC-50 Hz
  • Power wire included