Salinity Refractometer Salt Water Aquarium Sea Salinität Waterproof Salt Water 3005 New


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Salt/Salt/Sea Water/Salinität/Refractometer with this hand refractometer you can quickly and the salt content and specific weight check and at the same time. Measurements on the are now easy aquarium to and fast as possible. The metal case has a faux Offum Mantelten handle and is made in an extremely stable. The Trennlinien in field of view are clear and surrounds. The meter has 2 scales that can be read as follows: Scale of 1: salinity in & # x2030;, measuring range: 0 to 100 & # x2030; °/00 (accurate to +/-1 & # x2030;) 2: dense range: 1000 - 1070 (accurate to +/-0.001 SG) Features: - For quick and accurate measurement with sharp Trennlinie - Simple-to-use, compact, lightweight design - Maintenance free use for many years Technical Data: - Dimensions: 200 x 40 mm Weight: about 200g Package included: - Refractometer - Hardwood gift box with foam inlay - Screwdriver to calibrate - Calibration of liquid - Pipette - Operating instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) DT/Engl. - Cloth - invoice with VAT shown.

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