Salifert Coralline Aminoacids 500ml


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Tropic Marin Salifert Coralline Amino Acids 500ml

The skeletal material of corals is built-up with alternating layers of calcium carbonate and layers rich in amino acids. These amino acids fulfil many important functions:- They stabilize the skeletal material and stop it changing into a totally different crystal structure. They decrease the negative effect of phosphate on coral growth. They serve as a food for most corals and beneficial bacteria. There is evidence that around coral reefs desirable amino acids occur in the water itself and are deposited on freshly formed calcium carbonate. The type of amino acids in solution, and their relative proportions, show a remarkable similarity to the amino acids found in coral skeletons. Therefore it is very likely that corals obtain these amino acids from the surrounding waters. These amino acids originate from the many different life forms on coral reefs and an aquarium system lacking the bio-diversity of a huge reef may lack the proper amino acids. Salifert’s Coralline Amino Acids contain all the amino acids in the correct proportions found in coral skeletons without those that have a negative effect on the stability and growth of the coral skeleton. Coralline Amino Acids give corals the opportunity to form a stable skeleton or skeletal needles. The negative effects of phosphate are also markedly decreased.

  • Tropic Marin Salifert Coralline Amino Acids 500ml