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ROWAphos is a completely new filter material for eliminating phosphate. Due to its unique chemistry it has the ability to bind large quantities of phosphate by adsorption to its surface without negatively influencing the water in the aquarium in any way.

Why is a phosphate removal system necessary

Phosphate PO4 in the aquarium is caused by the decomposition of organic substances. Especially in the confined habitat of an aquarium several of these decomposition processes are caused from food surplus dead plant and animal matter and excretions animal waste etc.

It is very important to maintain PO4 concentrations at very low levels which are in harmony with the aquariums life and habitat. Natural waters that have not been negatively affected by human use typically show very low PO4 concentrations. However it is nearly impossible to maintain this ideal condition in an aquarium without an artificial phosphate removal system.

An increase in PO4 concentration leads to unwanted growths of nuisance algae and to the inhibition of lime synthesis in certain specialized marine organisms in saltwater such as calcareous algae and stone hard corals.

What are ideal phosphate levels for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

To correct phosphateinduced problems it is recommended to always keep the concentration of phosphate less than or equal to 0.15 0.3 ppm in freshwater aquarium systems expressed as phosphorus P.

In saltwater aquarium systems phosphate levels should always be kept below 0.015 0.03ppm expressed as phosphorus P.

How is ROWAphos used to maintain ideal phosphate levels

The phosphate targets mentioned above can be easily reached with ROWAphos which effectively binds PO4 without negatively influencing the water in your tank. With ROWAphos release of potentially toxic substances like aluminum will NOT occur. When exhausted the product does NOT

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