RockinColour decorative garden stone (Azure Blue 4kg Pot Topper)

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Disclaimer The size of decorative aggregates should be considered where young children are present. Smaller sizes are not suitable for children under 36 months as this product may cause a choking hazard. Pot/vase and plant not included and must be bought separately. RockinColour is a decorative colour coated stone; and as with all architectural products, the appearance will alter over time as a result of wear and UV light exposure.We recommend annual to biennial top ups to keep your RockinColour display fresh and maintain bright colour throughout all seasons. RockinColour is not suitable for driveways or any other trafficked areas. RockinColour is safe for pets, however it is not recommended for use either in indoor or outdoor aquariums. For technical and weather resistant performance refer to the download section on the website:

  • Azure Blue stone is cool, its fun, and will produce a dramatic effect as a pot topper or vase filler (approx. 4kg)
  • Ideal for: Alpines and rock gardens, plant pot toppings, vase filler and grave decoration
  • Azure Blue is in trend and along with limes and spicy reds will be the ‘in’ colours for 2017
  • Azure Blue blends well with other colours in the RockinColour range
  • UV stable and weather resistant, safe colour coating. Pot/vase and plant not included and must be bought separately