Rhinox CO2 Tubing – Aquarium Diffuser Regulator Ada Beetle Pollen


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Usage: [1] Heat up the tip of tubing with a lighter to soften it. [2] Connect tubing from outlet of pressurized tank/DIY yeast to the bubble counter [3] Connect from bubble counter to Co2 diffuser. Please do not apply excessive force when connecting Co2 diffuser because the diffuser is fragile. If tubing does not fit, heat it up again and retry.

  • You are winning 6 feet of Rhinox Co2-resistant tubing
  • About 30% of Co2 through its porous surface of normal airline tubing. Even, silicone tubing does not perform any better. It hardens over time and when silicone reacts with Co2, the efficiency is greatly reduced.
  • The high-quality industrial grade tubing completely solves your problem! Amazingly, it helps you to save lots of money by cutting the Co2 loss to almost 0%! Less hassle to refill your Co2 tanks as they can last much longer!
  • Compatible with pressurized Co2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles
  • Size: 6 feet length & standard air tube diameter