Reef One biOrb 30L Black


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The biOrb 30 Aquarium is the ‘Original’ of its design. With it’s simple and contemporary look it would be a great addition to any room. Whether it is your home, office, work place or reception/ foyer.

The original biOrb aquarium holds 30L of water so is a great environment for your fish. With the multi-stage filtration it keeps the water clean and clear and is easy to change filter cartridges which making maintenance easy and fuss free.

Made from strong and crystal clear acrylic, with a capacity of 30 litres of water and weighing 30 kilos when full, it is ideal for most types of fish keeping.

The biOrb 30 Aquarium is available in 7 different glossy colours and comes complete with:

  • 5 stage internal filter
  • Ceramic media
  • Air pump
  • Water treatment
  • Fish food
  • Full Instructions

An extensive list of accessories are available in ‘biOrb accessories’


  • Width 40cm
  • Height 42cm