Red Koi Nobori – Wind Sock Koinobori Fish Kite Gift for Aquarium Tank Lovers


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Hang this item to create a different kind of atmosphere for your home. You can also send this unique hanging art to your friend who love fish as a special gift. The fish scales are stenciled and the material is a durable nylon. The condition of this piece is very good and it is a new piece.

  • This offer includes 1 Japanese Red Fish Kite.
  • Great Gift for friends who love aquarium.
  • This is a very unique Japanese Fish Kite (Carp Shape), named ‘Koi nobori’. It is used to hang outside of the house, usually is on the roof or pillar. In Japan, these kites shaped like carp (a kind of fish) are flown by proud parents telling how many sons they have.
  • The carp is an especially strong fish known to battle against incredible odds in order to move upstream to its spawning grounds. The carp symbolizes courage, strength, and the struggles each boy must encounter and overcome in order to experience success in his own life.
  • Dimension: 24″ Length 6″ wide (61cm x 15cm)