Radermachera sinica 30cm +/- China Doll / Serpent Tree / Emerald Tree / Asian Bell Tree / Indoor / Evergreen Bignoniaceae Tree


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Radermachera sinica 30cm +/- China Doll / Asian Bell Tree Indoor Location: keep bright and airy throughout the year, warm in summer, in winter at 15 degrees. Watering: Keep only slightly moist, in winter only so much pour not fall off the leaves Care: More often spray

  • this evergreen Tree is native to subtropical mountain regions of southern China and Taiwan and can reach a heights of up to 30m
  • the China Doll / Asian Bell Tree is a highly attractive glossy, dark & lacy plant is a very popular indoor or patio plant which requires a position with indirect sun light
  • it does not normally flower indoors. It requires plenty of light and moisture in order to thrive. As with most houseplants, wilted leaves indicate either lack of water or overwatering