QueenshinyLED 2013 New Bestseller 147w LED Grow Light Lamp Indoor Ufo Hydroponic System 10 Band Spectrums & IR


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  Better than only  Red/Blue/Orange 3 spectrum mixed grow light. Our revolutionary led grow lights  with 10 Spectrums! The 10 spectrums that provide the most beneficial light to  your plants.

  Ideal for all phases of plants growth. Suitable for the  plant-breeding house, Indoor, basement, garden, farm, greenhouse, horticultural  park etc, which need the sufficient light. amazing for plants growth, fully  absorbed by the plants to photosynthesis.

~the human eye can’t see infrared light(IR)~

  • 10 Spectrums & IR -660nm/650nm/630nm/610nm/460nm/450nm/440nm/430nm/2800K/730nm(IR)
  • 147W: 49pcs*3w Leds / DIMENSION:190mm*190mm*60mm
  • LEMENS:3900LM / LIFESPAN: 50,000 HOURS / WARRANTY: 1 Year
  • Worldwide VOLTAGE: AC85 V -265 V (AUTO-ADAPTIVE) / Plug: UK plug
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Led Grow Light, Steel hanging kits, Power Cable, Manual