Queenshiny LED 2014 New Bestseller 200w Big Eyes LED Grow Light Lamp Indoor Ufo Hydroponic System Plant Ufo 10 Spectrums & IR


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Revolutionary features! 1. The revolutionary BRIDGELUX 100W LED Clips. (Single Clip Integrated 10 Wavelength, 660nm/650nm/640nm/630nm/610nm/460nm/450nm/440nm/410nm/730nm), The latest integrated high power LED technology Avoid dozens of 3W clips not work caused by just one damaged 3W clip! 2. The revolutionary Super Large lens. (2X to 3X big than other factory’s lens! increase 300% wider coverage!) 3. Super High LUX, 3500Lux/1.5m,3000Lux/2m,1500Lux/3m,1000Lux/4m,500Lux/5m (never waste any PAR-Photosynthetic Active Radiation, represents the most powerful and most energy efficient grow light in the world with no exceptions. Lux of the big eyes series is 2X to 3X more than a typical 800W LED light. ) Better than only Red/Blue/Orange 3 spectrum mixed grow light. Our revolutionary led grow lights with 10 Spectrums! The 10 spectrums that provide the most beneficial light to your plants. Ideal for all phases of plants growth. Suitable for the plant-breeding house, Indoor, basement, garden, farm, greenhouse, horticultural park etc, which need the sufficient light. amazing for plants growth, fully absorbed by the plants to photosynthesis. LED grow light Ideal for replace standard MH/HPS light / incandescent bulbs / fluorescent tubes, save 3~5 times power consumption. save Money!

  • 10 Spectrums & IR -660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue) 450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)
  • 200W: 2pcs*100w Leds / DIMENSION(mm):280*200*70
  • LEMENS:10000LM / Angle: 90/120°Mixed / WARRANTY: 2 Year
  • Worldwide VOLTAGE: AC85 V -265 V (AUTO-ADAPTIVE) / Plug: UK plug
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Led Grow Light, Steel hanging kits, Power Cable, Manual